A story
dedicated to innovation
in women’s  health

Dr.Mauricio Abrão

A story dedicated to achieving excellence
to provide care for women’s health

Além da Ginecologia

Beyond gynecology,
a holistic perspective

A 360-degree view that combines specialized treatment , nutrition strategies, physical activities, psychotherapy and physical therapy.

Inovação Tecnológica

Innovation in diagnostic technology

The innovations developed by our team allowed unique diagnosis to be accurate and cases to be solved.


Pioneering scientific production

A rich national and international output intended to form the basis of medicine.

"Endometriosis currently affects 180 million women around the world ‒ over 7 million in Brazil alone.
Between 10% and 15% of women of reproductive age may suffer from endometriosis, the primary cause of pelvic pain and
infertility among women. Our studies have shown that it takes from 7 to 12 years for the disease to be diagnosed.
My focus is to identify and treat endometriosis as early as possible so
women can avoid problems such as chronic pain and infertility, so they can enjoy good health, free of pain.
I believe a global perspective is key to achieving this balance



A national and international standard-setter in
endometriosis and women’s health, with an integrated view.

Dr. Mauricio Abrão’s life story carries advancements that have shifted the paradigms of what we know about women’s health, endometriosis, infertility and gynecologic endocrinology.
Coupled with that was his important role in raising awareness about
incorporating, into any treatment, strategies that promote health in a balanced and comprehensive manner across all stages of a woman’s life. This vision allowed new forms of clinical and surgical care to be developed. Furthermore, it allowed women to write new stories, without pain, and to become pregnant.

Today, the technology to diagnose, classify stages and treat endometriosis and infertility is undergoing amazing advances.

Dr. Mauricio Abrão is a pioneer in developing studies and techniques that have become the global standard in women’s health, such as eliminating invasive diagnosis techniques by creating markers to identify endometriosis; improving diagnostic accuracy by creating new methods for mapping endometriosis and adenomyosis through imaging
He has been successfully treating cases using the continuous advances in minimally invasive surgery; enhancing the precision of treatment with a perspective that includes therapeutic algorithms; and creating an application to classify endometriosis stages.

Tecnologia Diagnóstica
Evidências sobre a Medicina da Mulher

An entire life devoted to leading the construction of evidence concerning women’s health.

The situation was different 30 years ago. The amount of attention devoted to women’s health, endometriosis and infertility was scant.
There was much to learn and much progress to be made. His career built together with an entire research team produced major advances and enabled dr. Mauricio abrão to transform the way society understands these topics. 

180+ international scientific articles
Focused endometriosis and different gynecologic topics.

7+ medical books published.

3000+ surgeries performed
Published internationally to broaden
the knowledge he acquired throughout the years.

300+ surgeries to teach the technique
To broaden the knowledge he acquired throughout the years.

Founder of the CMM - Clínica da Medicina da Mulher, a place of recognized excellence in care and nurture.

For more than three decades, the CMM - Clínica da Medicina da Mulher has been working with a multidisciplinary staff renowned both in brazil and internationally for their groundbreaking treatment dedicated to a global view of women’s health. Located in the charming são paulo district of jardins.
This allows integration with the services offered at other bp locations, in addition to enabling continuous and more in-depth care and treatments using cutting edge equipment.

Clínica Medicina da Mulher

Advanced gynecology
with global management of women’s health




Infertility &





Cirurgia minimamente invasiva

Minimally Invasive/Robotic

Complete dedication to promoting innovation in gynecology and
endometriosis education and research.

Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Endometriosis division at the Gynecology Clinic in Hospital das Clínicas, University of São Paulo School of Medicine. For more than ten years, he served as coordinator of the undergraduate Gynecology course in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of São Paulo School of Medicine.

Chair of the Gynecology department at Beneficência Portuguesa - BP Hospital. In 2018, BP became partners with the CMM - Clínica Medicina da Mulher, founded by Dr. Mauricio Abrão, who leads the entire clinical gynecology staff.

President in 2002, of the AAGL ‒ the world’s most important association focusing on minimally invasive surgery. At AAGL, he led the development of an application that classifies endometriosis stages and was the first non-North American citizen taht became president, in the year the AAGL completed its 50th anniversary.

Conceived MIGS: An annual event dedicated to teaching minimally invasive surgery in Brazil and around the world.

Ativo 71

Conceived the Surgical Expedition for students at the University of São Paulo School of Medicine, which for over ten years has been going to unassisted places with the goal of bringing health and access to minimally invasive surgery to vulnerable people, promoting students’ social and professional education in more than five medical specialties.

Frequently Asked Questions:


It’s a condition resulting from endometrium, the tissue lining the uterus cavity, growing outside the uterus.


It can affect many different tissues and organs, such as ovaries, peritoneum, uterosacral ligaments (uterus and rectum), retrocervical region (behind the uterine colon), rectovaginal septum, rectum/sigmoid colon, small intestine (terminal ileum), appendix, bladder and ureters.


Endometriosis is a common gynecologic condition. It affect between 10% and 15% of women of reproductive age. The number of women suffering from this condition is estimated to be over 7 million in brazil and more than 180 million around the world. In developed countries, endometriosis is one of the main causes of hospitalization due to gynecologic conditions.


Women suffering from endometriosis at times take years to seek specialized help to start proper treatment. In addition, a definitive diagnosis requires excellent diagnostic imaging or surgical procedure (laparoscopy).


No. Birth control pills can even be used to treat endometriosis-related pain, but do not cause it. However, they can delay diagnosis if a patient takes too long to seek medical care.


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